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We now are stocking for immediate shipping 1.5" & 8" Glow Sticks in green.

Best Illumination Color for Night Vision


3x39mm 2 pack glow sticks added to the bottom of the page.

We at WildWolf Products have been using Glow Sticks to put on the end of our rods at night for a couple of years. Then me came up with the KatBobber and found that an 8" Glow Stick inserted in the bobber made it a GREAT Lighted Bobber. After buying glow sticks in the assorted color variety that they come in, We found that the GREEN ones worked the Absolute best at night. Every Glow Stick in our tubes are Green. you can see if you get a hit even when it is way out as far as you can cast. Half the fun of Bobber Fishing is to see when your getting a bite and how good of a bite it was. These Glow Sticks are fresh Inventory with a 2 Year Shelf Life. Will stay illuminated for up to 12 Hrs. They are shipped in tubes of 100 Glow Sticks. They also come with connectors to make bracelets with. A Fun product however used. Can be a Money Maker if sold at night events ie. $1.00 each. They have dozens of uses.


Best Prices on the Internet or anywhere!!
For 8" Green Glow Sticks New Superlight Fishing Light 1.5" 4x39mm glow sticks.

Glow Sticks for the "Kat Bobber" and Your Rods
OR as a Money Making Project

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One Tube of 100
8" Green Glow Sticks

Two Tubes of 100
8" Green Glow Sticks

Three Tubes of 100
8" Green Glow Sticks

Four Tubes of 100
-- 8" Green Glow Sticks

We now are stocking for immediate shipping 1.5" Glow Sticks in green. If your ordering other products. Please e-mail the order in to us. We will ship these with the order. Ths way on the 1.5" glow sticks theres no extra shipping cost. This is only on the 2 packs of 1.5" 4x39mm glow sticks.

5 packs of 2 per pack 10 pcs
1.5" Glow Sticks

10 packs of 2 per pack 20 pcs
1.5" Glow Sticks

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